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About Snick...
snick: 1)  to perform a light cutting action
2)  a small cut : NICK
 Everyone usually asks "How did you learn how to sew? Did you learn sewing in Home-Ec or your Grandmother?  To there surprise, I always say the same thing... "No, I hated Home-Ec, I liked Shop class more!" But, thinking back, it did prepare me for the path that was chosen for me.
  I started as a simple shop girl at Fringe & Tassel Costumes(1996) in Lincoln, NE. I began learning how to sew from Phyllis Spahn and Dorothy Eikmeyer. These two patient women took me under their wings and taught me everything they knew. Seven fun years went by, not to mention numerous costume parties and hiliraous appearances by funny characters! I had decided to take a position as a professional seamstress at Von Maur 2001.
 There I got my first taste of tailoring. I enjoyed fitting the men in the suit department, they were less picky and easier to fit than women. I stayed 2 years learning what I could.
 Men's Wearhouse(2002) was hiring for tailors, so I applied and got the job the next day. But this was a whole different ball of wax, just men and just tailoring suits. This just wasn't a job, but a rewarding career as a tailor.  My tailoring mentor was Arealize Campos. She spent long days and nights teaching me all about men's clothing. I owe her a lot for taking on such a spunky and outspoken student!
After 2 years apprenticing with her, I moved to Sioux Falls, SD in 2004 to become head tailor. There was only two of us, and the other tailor couldn't speak English. So, I think I got the job because no one else wanted to move to Sioux Falls. But, it was a great promotion with a good company! I stayed there for 1 year, until moving on.
    They decided to transfered me to Springfield, MO to help out their tailor shop. I lived there a little over a year and decided I didn't want to settle down so far away from home.  
Then, I finally rested my roots in Kansas City. All together, 5 years in 4 states with the Men's Wearhouse, I began to feel like a gypsy tailor.
 I later moved on to Nordstroms, I was the youngest tailor there. Most of my fellow tailors had been sewing as long as I've been alive!  My 2 year stay there, the Lord blessed us with our son Cole. I decided to be a stay-at-home mom and start my own sewing business!!
In September 2012, I went back to work part-time for Rick's Suit's and Tailoring in Overland Park. I couldn't have a better job, weekends off with my family, superb clothing to work on and Jeff Covitz couldn't be a nicer boss.
I have been sewing for 20 years and have a lot of people to thank along the way!!  I always tell my mom "Until naked is the new fashion, I think I will always have a job!"

Let's hope, right!
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