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Reusable sandwich bags
All made with cotton fabric with a clear protective liner. Velco closure.
 Always clean your bag after every use! Simply turn your bag inside out , wipe it down with soap & water, or machine wash & hang dry.
Use them for sandwiches, trail mix, cookies, chips. These are great for kids lunches! You can store fresh fruit & veggies for later. Friends have used them for make-up, wet wipes, crayons and medicine. Do you need a different sizes? Just let me know the measurements.
           Using one reusable sandwich bag for one year,
         saves 1,000 baggies from going to the landfill.
                 We all could help the environment!
Mix & match for your family!
 Fabric request are welcome!
Reusable sandwich/snack bag
Washable & hang dry
Price: $5.00
5 Reusable bags for $20
You pick your bags
Price: $20.00
Bread machine bread bag
  $20.00 each
These eco-friendly bags are stylish and totally washable! I designed this bag after getting a bread machine for Christmas last year. I had nothing to put it in. Store bought bread will fit also. Great for camping, roadtrips & picnics!
1 Bread Bag with 1 sandwich bags
Any choice of fabric
Price: $25.00
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